Friday, February 10, 2006


Hiya Dave Nice to hear from you. Lovely pic of The Audience! Cheers. There hasn't been a first gig as yet. First outing is Shane Quentin's 'Garden of Earthly Delights' show on CRMK radio. Live listening only possible if you reside in Milton Keynes; as it is cable radio. The idea, I'm told, is to podcast the performance; or, or possibly plus, making it available on Mix Upload site. You can check out both by putting details into Google et al. After that, there are two gigs planned - same venue, Club Sporadic, Loughborough, 25th March and then at their improv festival in May. Both will be audio-visual, with Paul doing his film/kinetic graphics thing. I'm filming Shane's show, so that may get mashed in there, too. I'm working on other things alongside. Got an article in a magazine, also. So, beavering away. Hope something comes of your associations with Bill, Noel, Dean, and Aidie. Any recordings? By now, I'm thinking my blog, considered in toto, is the best visual art I've ever made. It's feeling more cohesive and narrative-like as I post more and develop and add to ideas. Characters and small systems are emerging. It is wonderful for me, as so many people have been keeping in touch with my postings, and, via Wikipedia - an online encyclopaedia - people have managed to find me and establish contact, or, as with old Mail Art mates, to re-establish contact. This has been lovely. Can't deny, also, it is nice having some kind of discernible internet presence. Punch 'murmurists' into Google now and more than Sonorities comes out. Things happen on the back of that. It is, though, still early days; but, then, I've only been online since September 2005, so not doing too badly! It's been a steep learning curve, of course. But I do feel 'computer literate' now. What's evading me still - partly because I haven't spent enough time on it specifically - is the whole film area: ie. getting the camcorder stuff onto DVD, copying DVDs, etc. I have Nero 7; and it will talk to our Sony camcorder, but it's not keen on it. The films get saved in the Nero file, as you would expect; but when I come to open them later, more often than not the computer closes down - as akind of safety precaution; and there'snothing I can do to stop it. The upshot is that the files are not accessible. I've scanned the stuff for viruses - nothing there. Other than that, Nero works great - as I use part of it for altering jpegs, bitmaps, gifs, etc. What do you use? Any suggestions? Got book/DVD thing, Blocks of Consciousness, co-edited by Mark Wastell. (We saw Mark at Pyramid, Warrington; he was the one not playing the upturned harp.) DVD has some great stuff on it; including Mark and Rhodri Davis (the harp-player), and Keith Rowe, Evan Parker. Best wishes Anthony ----- Original Message ----- From: David To: Anthony Donovan Sent: Friday, February 10, 2006 6:42 PM Subject: greetings Hello there mate! Apologies as ever for my tardiness and thanks for the pic :) It made me laugh when i got home this morning. Glad to hear all going well in the music front for you and that that area is busy. Sounds like you have made a good group of friends down there. How was 1st gig? Please remind me when radio set is on and which station. Looking forward to next gig? Still fairly slow here on music front though we had a jam last weekend at bills. Seems like it's just me,bill and noel at minute. Adie and dean were asked along by bill but didn't turn up, prior commitments i think. Good to see in your blog that you are in touch with mail art people and in contact with them again :) Check out the pic, trip down my memory lane :)


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