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I agree with the drift of what you are saying, Paul. Really, one can only ever suck it and see; this might even be the only way or the most desireable way with a project based upon improvisation. As I said at the outset in suggesting murmurists, I call what I do murmury; it being part of an array of allusions and references which I play with and hybridise. Watched Mighty Boosh last night, and thought 'fuck! that's my kind of thing...'. They just use different references. I felt the same in 1990 (was it?) when I first say Vic and Bob. The blog and the cover come out of that; and I'm naturally-productive, so I just work on stuff as I go. I offered the cover up for consideration to test the waters, and because I aim to make this part of what I do professionally.Don't want you to think I'm co-opting the conceptual identity of a group project. It's just me being productive and enthusiastic. I always have in mind Fluxus - ie. a looseknit but conceptually-defined corpus of activity, wherein each contributor offered whatever work s/he liked; which nonetheless became ratified as and identified with Fluxus itself. That's one motivation behind using the false-names. I'm not that interested in individualism as an end in itself; I'm quite happy to offer work for joint credit. But, of course, internally there's always that individualist dynamic. Again, it's suck it and see.I like the mystery of the enterprise actually. We are pretty in the dark about what it will sound like and feel like. Shane being a kind of Director is a factor, too. We are playing live; it'll be intimate, to say the least. Nowhere to hide! Hifi quite! Naked. I like the social experiment nature of it, to be honest. I can play my arse off - of course I want to need to 'impress', as an individual; but the challenge for me will be to feel my way through, as a comrade, whilst having faith in the situation itself. We all face this; and that interests me. That's why I like improv. It might be awful, embarrasing. Gets the blood going!In short, though, I have no problem with what you said at all. Thanks for saying it. In return, does any of my response strike a chord or ruffle a feather with you? Plus, hope your arm is better!Best wishes, Anthony----- Original Message ----- From: "Paul Wilson" <*@>To: "Anthony Donovan" <a.donovan7@ntlworld.com>Sent: Tuesday, February 14, 2006 11:02 PMSubject: Re: some news> hi anthony> thanks for the response.>> been thinking about murmurists activity and the more i spend time thinking > about it, the more i think it needs to be your project and yours alone.>> my gut feeling is that whatever you, roger, lee and i do should find it's > own way, it's own ideas and front-end. don't know what it is at the > minute, don't know what it might become and don't know what we're going to > end up with on friday.>> murmurists is yours: by nature of the investment you're making in it. i > think the cover's great, a fine distillation of your blog and the range of > work you've made for it in the recent past.>> whatever we end up with on friday is going to be an intriguing collision > of sounds and approaches. maybe following that we need to meet to talk > about what that could be called, how we could develop it etc.>> i just feel that rather than imposing a conceptual framework on it from > the outset, i'd prefer something to develop from the result of friday's > improv. that might be something we choose to call murmurists, or it might > be something else we end up with as a result of listening to what we play > and how we play it.>> let me know what you think> cheers> paul>> On Tuesday, February 14, 2006, at 10:33 PM, Anthony Donovan wrote:>>> Nice one Paul. Congratulations and best of luck. It all sounds >> interesting, and hope it leads onto stuff.>>>> Any reactions to the artwork I sent?>>>> Best wishes>> Anthony>>>>>>>> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Paul Wilson" <..net>>> To: "" <*@yahoo.co.uk>>> Cc: <*@ntlworld.com>; "*" <*@net>; >> <a.donovan7@ntlworld.com>; <*@aol.com>>> Sent: Tuesday, February 14, 2006 9:58 PM>> Subject>>>>>>>>>>>> -- >>> No virus found in this incoming message.>>> Checked by AVG Free Edition.>>> Version: 7.1.375 / Virus Database: 267.15.7/259 - Release Date: >>> 13/02/2006>>>>>>>>> -- > No virus found in this incoming message.> Checked by AVG Free Edition.> Version: 7.1.375 / Virus Database: 267.15.7/259 - Release Date: 13/02/2006>>


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Mighty boosh... murmuring... Satan(well maybe not satan). I feel as though someone may be keeping our missing links hidden in the same jar. I may also be a murmurist and not realised it. Possibly a little more graphical in my execution. BANG. I think I need you to look at my (anti)blog and rate my level of murmuristnessosityness.


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