Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Appreciate the add; thanks for the association. We have, over the years, been big fans of PF. We did, however, jump ship in 1980 for sure; and we do prefer the very earliest things these days, before Darkside of the Moon's overt Prog mainstream; though there is beauty and insight there, also. That said, we like parts of Wish You Were Here and Animals, and, later, The Final Cut. So - what are we saying?! We have always been in the Waters-camp, as it is he who has remained vital and true to the social realist spirit of 1973-onwards Floyd, not the cover version-like caricatures of Gilmour-led Floyd. He is merely a guitar player. He merely co-opted the imagery invented by Waters, and in the most cynical way possible for money, to stay afloat artistically, trading on the ignorance and desparation of those fans who were starved of Floyd itself. Floating pigs do not an artwork make, mate. 'Perfect Sense' - wonderful. Please do have a look at our


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