Thursday, June 22, 2006


That's all great to me. I like those nuanced things. It's where I want to go myself. What happens too many times in bands, though, is that subtlety like that gets lost in a big rock din of rhythm/texture/noodling: the grey soup we want to avoid, and mostly do, I think. As a rule, I'd like to stick to periods of very very little, almost taking turns between the three of us to push things into the fore, like pass the parcel; then periods of utter horror-punk overkill. I'd like the changes between the two to be very sudden, also; rather than the 5 minute improv climb up and down. That's dynamics. The Scott Walker album does this; and it ties in with that Cremaster punk band reference I told you about when I first met you. Great thing on myspace, music-wise, is a band from France called 3. and at Amazing pieces they have posted: drums/bass&guitar/laptop. I'm thinking of leaving the bass at home for tonight. Never played without some kind of guitar.