Friday, June 23, 2006


Glad the 'comic' passages appealed to you. I, also, like that area. You're right to identify it in my visual stuff. That's exactly my thing: surrealism/gallows humour. Chris Morris' 'Jam' is a big thing with me. Similarly, I don't want it to be too 'beardy, po-faced'. This is a potentially interesting area that is often overlooked in improv/experimental music. Great that you want to get into the drums - expanding the kit. There are some nice tympani in that Roland, I seem to remember - to be going on with. I like bell-type things myself; and those very tiny cymbals... are they called crotales? Percussion is a lovely area. Most drummers don't bother. I look forward to this becoming part of murmurists. It will suit you better I think than the electronic devices stuff, like the Electribe (is it called?). As you said, and I agree, there's a lot of that going on already with L and me. That said, the washboard/delay/fx/contact mic set-up I do like. That's just processed percussion, though; rather than an entirely unrelated and separate set of noise-making boxes. Sizzle is a great thing, I think. If you've got some old cymbal lying around, why not get the drill out and make a homemade one! Springs are wonderful things to add to things that vibrate. You could make a Prepared Drum Kit - as John Cage did with the piano.


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Yes, there's a serious lack of humour in some areas of that mighty continent, improv,avant-garde music. Again - to bang on about one of my favourites - Burroughs managed to be cutting-edge (for most of his career) while still making you piss your pants ... well, okay, I pissed my pants.
Chris Morris works in some similar areas - you laugh while knowing there are some very dark undercurrents sloshing around beneath.
Yes - prepared drum kit!

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