Wednesday, January 24, 2007

kind people said the following about murmurists' things:

your music is really really amazing. am sure a label will find you soon. hope all is good with you. listening and commenting. my opinion. Given 'em a good ol' listen. dragging halo, still makes me think of silent hill, so it'd be great in the background of a horror film, or game, but a bit full on for my tastes.Chris maker etc, kinda cool, even with the middle bit... attacks on property, or just an attack on my ears :) actually there was a bit in there somewhere when I thought it was going to 'kick off' into something I'd enjoy, but it stopped as soon as it started :( in praise of daemons, if I ever get back into the D&D stuff, I'm gonna have that looping in the background! very odd, more silence than song? not sure song is the right word. rather liked it anyway, and as usual can't explain why, must hit a trigger for me somewhere. orison, another strange one, and again, not much to it, but I sort of liked it. pb :( smilligan :( soprano gory, cool, this is nearly as good as Dock :) enjoyed that.soutine and viz sorry, too strange for me :) so Dock and Soprano, will be your chart releases then :) Lol Great to have a listen to your works a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. thanks for the inclusion to listen, and will happily listen to more, always pleased to try new things :) and I hope you don't mind, but dock and soprano are now in my mp3 player, they'll be a cool surprise on my walk to work. The joys of random play, you never know what'll hit you when.It's all good stuff Dr A All the best mate. more than happy to be in the loop as it were. :) Thanks for the mp3 ... prog-punk, it could be the coming thing. An argument pro. Cross-Out 1 excellent stuff ... and live, too? Good mix of rhythms and noise. Precision, also. Felicitations. this I can get to grips with :) liked it lots, so much so, gonna stick it in my mp3 player. it'll be a nice surprise on random play.dragging halo is playing on pc right now. dock is cool! dock triggers memories of some of the Spaceman Three stuff that I used to enjoy.nhave you heard of them? it doesn't really sound like them at all, but it certainly triggers a connection :) at least I didn't say you were Floyd again....though I did end up digging out a copy of saucer full of secrets after the Here be monsters thing.nHope you are keeping well.I'm now on holiday :) Have Fun :) Thanks. you crazy primeval sounding person! Squeekier Ged Lee mmm. i,m very curious. ah things arn't what they seem! whats the high pitch drone white noise purified thingy? Barry Adamson springs to mind. Enjoying very much your latest works. It won’t be long before I’m hearing you on ‘Mixing it’ or something. The theme thing with numerous short pieces and naming the instruments etc really works for me. adds to ‘it’ as well as the music itself. and is slightly sardonic as 1> it doesn’t really matter, 2>the effects and other tools aren’t mentioned, so the instruments sound nothing like you imagine them to before you listen, 3>I know you have a mean motherfucker of a Dadaist streak in you. I may be wrong, but it only adds to ‘it’ for me and makes me like the work more – as I know you as a friend and an artist. solid work. J I am pleased and thankful, that I have friends and inspirational artist creative compadres like you. keeps me real and going. talk soon. passionfull industrial terror. You're getting rather prolific with the tunes to say the least. Great stuff again mate and thoroughly enjoying them all. Thanks for sharing Nice one. I've thoroughly enjoyed the many pieces you've sent through, and it's nice being able to strike when the purple patch happens. You've certainly done that, and kept the momentum going. hard to say what i think of this without getting all syrupy and silly BUT i like it a lot. especially the odd time signature. i am crap with time signatures so i have no idea what it is but it has a disjointed and yet powerhouse feel to it. would love for this to be the 'theme' music to 'discharge'. well not the 'theme toon' so much as the back ground music that plays whilst people view the site. anyway, highly impressed by your talents. this is fantastic. you really should produce an album. short, hard hitting, spiky (no not you) and not difficult to listen to. i do wish we could find a way to put music up on discharge but as background and not one of those 'flash' type pieces. i would have "cross outs" as that music. that makes them doubly disturbing. Your output of these is amazing. thanks for sharing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quite some testimonials there ... I like 'crazy primeval sounding person'.

Friday, January 26, 2007 6:42:00 pm  
Blogger Dr Anthony Donovan said...

I like that, too! - an old friend. Always weird putting this stuff up, but I said beforehand that I would. Previously, I abstracted the positive stuff. Thought this time I'd serve it raw.

Friday, January 26, 2007 8:54:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


have quite enjoyed the first 3 crossouts, a little more palatable to my jaded ears, shall listen to rest soon...

Saturday, January 27, 2007 8:16:00 am  

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