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Radio 3's 'Mixing It' goes off air

Via email, I said....

Dear Marc & Robert. No! No! No! No! No! Not the end of Mixing It? How? Why? Forgive the emotion and sincerity to follow - but I feel short on irony at this news. I have listened to your glorious, important and always interesting programme more or less since the beginning. I take a trip, return, only to learn that a Friday night mainstay is to be taken away after the 9th February. So sudden. Did I miss earlier announcements? This is nothing short of a catastrophe - in all seriousness, a catastrophe. Your show of 26th was wonderful, too. Where else would one find that variety of interesting and obscure music? You have taught me so much over the years. A good proportion of my collection is literally as a result of your show. I thank you both for that. My band, murmurists, will not now ever appear on your show, as we had always hoped to do; which is bad enough. But, more importantly, there will be a hole where Mixing It was for many many people. Good luck and best wishes in whatever you both do. Thank you again for all your fine work over the years. Anthony Donovan

Via email, they said....

Thank you for your interest in BBC Radio 3. We receive many emails, but do take note of all listeners' comments. Your email will be read in due course, and you will receive a personal reply if one is needed. In the meantime, you might like to look at this site; this gives you answers to frequently asked questions and information on how to contact the network with different types of feedback and comments. Complaints can be sent via the BBC Complaints website Mixing It

Via email, then they said....

Dear Mr Donovan
Thank you for your interest in Radio 3. The production team has seem your message, but I felt I should write to you. We really appreciate all feedback from our listeners and so it is good of you to take the time and trouble to write. Mixing It will not appear in the new schedule, but we remain committed to broadcasting a wide variety of music across our programmes. Mixing It has had a long and varied history on Radio 3, but as with any schedule changes, seeking to serve one group of listeners often involves disturbing another. After sixteen years, much of the original agenda covered by Mixing It now finds it way into Hear and Now and Late Junction. I can assure you that the eclectic nature of the station still remains; perhaps you might be interested to see the draft service licence:
I do hope that you will find much else to enjoy on Radio 3 and that you will continue to give us feedback once the new schedule is in place. With best wishes, Graham Dixon Managing Editor BBC Radio 3

End of an era


Blogger Dr Anthony Donovan said...

Playlist of last ever MIXING IT

Presented by Mark Russell and Robert Sandall

Tel. 020 7765 5870
Fax. 020 7765 4378

Friday 9th February 2007, 10.15pm

Sudden Infant:
Noise Relaxation (4'11")
Sudden Infant is Joke Lanz, based in Berlin & London. Working in the area of Experimental and Free Music, Sudden Infant builds up complex Noise compositions, using unconventional sound sources, lo-fi electronics and turntables. The result is abrupt Musique Concrete juxtapositions of spasmodic gibbering and a battery of disorienting electronics.
Album: Sudden Infant's Invocation of the Aural Slave Gods
Blossoming Noise BN006CD

Twocsinak & DJ Sarah Wilson:
I Know I Have no Input (2'46")
Army of Me (2'37")
Joseph Howard Grounds is DJ Sarah Wilson is Twocsinak, a tall, self-effacing young man/woman/nurse/artist residing in Bristol, UK. In the mischievous spirit of Matmos, People Like Us and ingenious comedic pariahs Noble & Silver, this album features chance-flaw music from a human with an enviable lexicon of lateral thought, made in admirable ignorance of this century's advancements in technology. Each of its 18 tracks is at the very least conceptually tethered to a pun, out-joke, song by a notable other or beautifully mundane encounter rendered in real-time on a minidisc player.
Album: "Jesus is a Brave Little Toaster"
Wrong Music WNG002

Basquiat Strings / Seb Rochford:
Double Dares (5'26")
The Basquiat Strings is a flexible string group set up by cellist Ben Davis consisting of up to 5 players, perfoming Ben's original music. It features Emma Smith & Victoria Fifield - violins, Nell Catchpole - viola, Ben Davis - cello, Richard Pryce- double-bass. The group specialise in modern jazz & related music. This is their debut album
Album: Basquiat Strings with Seb Rochford
F-ire CD18

Kidz are so Small (1'58")
Deerhoof was formed in 1994 by Rob Fisk and Greg Saunier. Now joined by Satomi Matsuzaki on bass & vocals, their new album Friend Opportunity was recorded in John's bedroom. Deerhoof are currently working with composer Ed Shearmer on the soundtrack to the upcoming film Dedication.
Album: Friend Opportunity

Ergo Phizmiz:
Get UR Freak On (5'32")
Ergo Phizmiz has two new cds out on the Womb label, including this cd of newly mastered versions of Ergo's acclaimed reinventions of
contemporary pop songs "Arff & Beef", and the cover of the
entirety of the Velvet Underground's "White Light/White Heat"
Album: Arff & Beef
Womb 104

People Like Us in session:
On The Rooftops of London (19'45")
For 16 years Vicki Bennett has been making CDs, radio, and A/V multimedia under the name People Like Us. By animating and recontextualising found footage collages Vicki gives an equally witty and dark view of popular culture with a surrealistic edge. People Like Us makes an ongoing experimental arts radio show on WFMU, called "DO or DIY", which, since it began in 2003, has had over a quarter of a million Realplayer hits.

Do Make Say Think:
A With Living (4'30")
Do Make Say Think is a Canadian instrumental post-rock band from Toronto, Ontario. The band formed in 1995 as a recording project for a Canadian youth dramatic production. They rehearsed for the aforementioned production in an empty elementary school room, there they took the four simple verbs 'Do', 'Make', 'Say' and 'Think' from the walls of the room and adopted them as their band name. Their music combines jazz style drums and space style electronic effects, distorted guitars and wind instruments as well as a prominent use of the bass guitar. The group consists of Ohad Benchetrit (guitar, bass, saxophone, flute), David Mitchell (drums), James Payment (drums), Justin Small (guitar) and Charles Spearin (bass, guitar, trumpet).
Album: You, You're a History in Rust
Constellation CST045-2

Yoko Ono / The Flaming Lips:
Cambridge 1969 / 2007 (5'37")
This album features collaborations with The Flaming Lips, Cat Power, Antony, Spiritualized, Peaches, Hank Shocklee, The Apples in Stereo, The Sleepy Jackson, Le Tigre and many more, reworking original Ono songs.
Album: Yes, I'm a Witch
Parlophone promo

People Like Us:
ReMixing It (5'16")
white label

The Fall:
Over! Over! (4'04")
Sporting a completely new line up since "Fall Heads Roll", this new Fall album begins a busy year for the group, with Mark E Smith's autobiography due to hit the shelves in the summer, and a UK tour in March and April.
Album: Reformation Post TLC
Slogan SLOCD007

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