Wednesday, March 28, 2007

the butter has all gone

We prompted to add:
'...Trade: oh it's a trade alright. Arendt might have 'counselled', but invoking her name and philosophy in relation to MM is both distateful and wrong-headed in being so reductive as to be nonsense. She would be ill at the thought. I'd rather look to the determinations of Benjamin anyway. If politics is public service look at who it serves best. If that conflicts with our earlier arguments about it being about business we'll eat our hat. Barclays boss 22 miliion ... meanwhile child poverty increases. Even the photo you have chosen of MM adds to this association. He looks like a businessman and he is meant to. That's the pitch. How often does he associate with the poor vs how often does he associate with business is a good way to get the much-needed pie-chart. Re-read the Schrumpeter. It is not a recipe for passivity; moaning about the state of the world and still sipping those capaccinos is, we feel. Why would we want to hurl words into the wheelie-bin of your chatroom? You think that proves activism? Sorry, we disagree. Re. the Greeks ... a starting point from many possible starting points. Of course there are others. No-one suggested otherwise. Why the long face? ...and the whole indoctrination/education thing ... please. Such a moot point. And you are merely caricaturing what Eagleton said. Cf. his own reworkings in, say, 'Ideology of the Aesthetic'. Not many jokes in it, though. Your Morris dungheap metaphor doesn't work either. The House of Commons might, as you suggest, be filled with poo, but your quip fails because poo ain't active enough to drop bombs. Like we said earlier, feel free to think otherwise....'.