Thursday, March 01, 2007

t/here t/here

Thanks *. Was originally sent as an email - to *, actually. But I'm working up this CV-ish piece. The entry itself is fully factual. But the eventual CV will be more 'stray', surreal. I think the Kes-style early years are interesting. There was an instance prior to or contemporary with the garage 'gig, though; where several of us played, improvised, live in my mum and dad's backyard. There was me on bass - through a tiny combo, faced to the grass, heavily-distorted, barely making notes; ditto another on guitar - either Dolly or Gayg; and my mate, Dino, playing an old wardrobe with a heavy socket-wrench, as drums. Again, we sang acoustically. I'd love to have a recording of that, but none exists. Before that, at the age of 13, I got a tape recorder for xmas. I set up various things in the kitchen, filled the washing-up bowl with water, and improvised noises, vocal sounds and the like, and called it 'Dysentery', like one would at that age. Again, no recording exists, presumed lost or damaged then thrown away.