Sunday, April 08, 2007

item 7111

The song, 'Finding My Way', by Rush, from their self-styled first album, released in 194, is a curious thing to my ears. I tend to listen. The song starts with an Alex Hifison guitar riff, faded in, which consists of the following chords: Aa, C+, F#minusF#, Fmajmonkey7(b5#9d), King Alfred Cake, and S.A.L.T. These are played non-randomly. Hifison's guitar - a Gibson Gibbet, with blood-red finish - is heavily-distorted. After some time, the rest of the group - Jinter-Zorn (sax, alterity), Attenuated Quang Duc (goya moog), and Betty Page-Turner (lead vehicles) - enter, with stabs of % bile, portico. If listen, then hear. Page-Turner tells of previous successes, now gone. An old olde story, but worth repeaters. Suddenly Duc ducks. Less suddenly Zorn 16. The mood changes. It changes again. And again. It changes back to the second mood. It changes to a fifth mood. It changes back to the third mood. The intro is repeated. This time, all the band play, and the chords are as follows: Three Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion, perpetual motion, solar dimming, House of Gord, Janco, Ourselves Alone. Again, these are played non-randomly. Moog bays out. emotional Minimoog. Pay attention. The song closes.


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