Tuesday, May 29, 2007

item #9855

General: I shoulder things. I make you start, my starting point. I am any people.

Particular: By saying that you need to read, I mean that you need to read carefully. Messages are your only chance of getting my attention. If you don't get my attention you will be deleted. End of story. [There are too many fake tensions entering into conversations.] I aim to breed.

Now for the good stuff...A list of my current proclivities:

01. mannish vanish
02. super-collision
03. bodification on the back of love
04. super-id e-restriction
05. media lay
06. toil-taming
07. consignments of signs, signifiers
08. kakfa implode
09. arithmetic at the disco
10. t-ought-ure
11. age rage
12. godspeed you black emperor!
13. mock/moot-savery
14. genital dada
15. severalism
16. periodic crumbs from the periodic table
17. needful play
18. ire play

And anything else I deem fit LOL. You will not question, limit, or break me. You will deform to the best of your ability, because your mind, body and soul long to make all your decisions for you.

Only apply if you are serious completely.


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