Friday, May 11, 2007

Laughs, 'pro rata?!', adding, 'I'll opt for my Properdin'

Above is both & @ d same time quantum sufficit & quaquaversal.
A full meal, yes. But, please,
Consider these illustrations before closing:
*A burped peace treaty with metronome backing, dance dance dance to de sade-e-o
*Poisonous underwear
*The X-Men sans Cyclops
*Fluxus before Dada with Bill Hicks as La Monte Young
*Lydon leaving Led Zeppelin every year year on year year year
*Arms-dealing cunts where goodmen should be
*An album of secret Geordie Walker guitar solos
*A dog with three dicks
*A city of 40,000,000 people
*Fairlight sampler
*Nile lengthened by 2,000 miles
*Vegan Meat Pride & Fun-Run, London, 2009
*Gallows on the moon