Sunday, May 06, 2007

three poles polarised. starting points pointing.

Subset One - makes Picture One
1.1) People matter
1.2) People says things
1.3) People say things which matter. For example: '...Meaning is the upon-which of a projection in terms of which something becomes intelligible as something; it gets its structure from a fore-having, a fore-sight, and a fore-conception...'
1.4) This, generally, aims to determine something fundamental, constitutional about perception; about how things, events, situations etc. are perceived as things, events, situations etc.; about how they are constituted as such
1.5) We grapple further, encountering '...the character of the possibility corresponds, on each occasion, with the kind of Being of the entity, which is understood [That is] Entities within the world generally are projected upon the world [and] When entities are discovered [...] we say they have meaning...'

Subset Two - makes Picture Two
2.1 dance [...] to the radio
2.2 Ukulele Music (1985) Peter Reading
2.3 moral millionnaire
2.4 Tiresias, be

Subset Three - makes Picture Three
3.1 Meat is Murder LP
3.2 Cupid Stunt, be
3.3 intellectual lilliputian, be
3.4 New Realism vs Magic Realism
3.5 those churches in Sudan
3.6 old testament bitchslap
3.7 Socratic dialoguer, by auto-mate-o, Plato


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