Monday, June 25, 2007

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Just an entry based on an entry from another entry. There is confusion, I realise. All my doing... maybe. About my profile... well, it's about preference, importance. It's about rest. I have been; now I am. The past wasn't enough for me. I had to have the future ... just in the bedroom, if that was all that was on offer. But it had to be futuristic. I'm someone who luxuriates in action. Please don't waste my time if inaction is your thing. There will be no embraces. There will be no talk. I seek only to find. Oh, a side-note... I hold onto things. Some people have no place here. They are just aftermath. I've had quite a few responses, if you are wondering. I keep it simple, detached. I am here for the erasing.

ps. Just want to say, thanks for all the messages. Keep em coming. Glad I made you laugh ;)

pps. 14/12/20o6: You know, I've recently had a few days in Germany, couple more in Switzerland. Have found why I really don't visit that often. The physicality made me ill. Online is just better, less removed. Travel is so pretentious; it just is laughable! Here are some points I wish to make. 1) Deity makes me chuckle. 2) People are part mob. 3) Those who think are judging other people. But to get to the wheat, you need to filter our the chaff! Go figure! Nice one, God!

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