Wednesday, June 20, 2007

item #0066


I'm iKore'en776, 39, grey sexual, from London, but live in Dorset. Basically, I etherealise coverage against logic. Material is important but it's not canopy. OK?

I want this to happen. It's right that it should. Here's goes ... something ...

I've spent far too long with scumbags in torrents of locality. Preparations were too often silent and obscure. I missed out, records suggest. As such, I seek detection, firstly, via ideas. From there, I envisage, hope for, and expect a kind of implicit longevity, something robust, thorny, well-lit.

This very evening I am taken, but from Monday ... dinner for twelve could be on you. Literally - on you.

Perhaps begin with a two-way web session...


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