Monday, June 11, 2007

item #1072

Through no fault of my own, I am growing by 1.4 metres per day. This is extremely rare, and affects only 0000000088% of the population at any one time. It does not prevent me from living a normal life, though ... So please read on ... I am looking for a new proud One, who, like myself, enjoys: medial-play, lap weights, bricolage, and simulations of endlessness. I can write and I love to be read - wide or left. Being torments me with its knowledge. I may have plans that include friends or others. I heavily imagine certain epistemological limits, often overdetermining recreationally. I believe I should be allowed to push and shove. I am worth the price quoted. I expect to be left in a nice manner. This is non-negotiable. I have no picture on display at the moment as I find people attack my looks and don't bother reading my words.

Update... Yes, I am one person only. Stop acting like arseholes. It makes you look foolish as well as uneducated, inexperienced and insecure. Taking that line with me will not work. I could wipe the floor with most of you. If you insist on acting like twats, I will prove it to you.


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