Friday, June 29, 2007

item #1251

Our last month of bothering here. Too many timewasters, fakes, twisters. So here goes nothing...

You will be beta exhibitionist trawling extremity on a daily basis. You need environments mindful and superlative. Your primacy of ill-health and warfare, will be a sick, injurious joke tumbling from a gaping frown. If of no use to anyone, you will be fully pleased. You will have used others, anything, anytime. You will have few if any limits other than death. You will be private at home, public elsewhere. You will be a three-ringed circus.

We seek a living. We are careerists. We encourage contact from real people, wherever they maybe in the world. Overseas is not a problem. Fantasists and timewasters look elsewhere.

We look forward to hearing you.