Friday, June 22, 2007

item #2023

Hello. Thanks for looking... adulteration this end. Mostly ORIENTED; though stray. I use, let's say, DISTRACTED MATERIALS, often even notions such as JURISDICTION. ENTER or LEAVE. By entering, you are information, to be Termed & Conditioned. Logic governs this transaction™. Should you choose to continue, repeat the following three times, respectively, as thought, phone-call, and email: "I hereby affirm the following acts to be governed by commerce as communicative action: (1) information providing for effort (2) compliance as temporary denial (3) protection relating holistically and a priori (4) false declarations colouring grey and clouded, variously shrouded (5) documentation constituting object."

Your consent is not directly required. Anything offered in this way is rendered poetic by unmanned machines. You are limited to providing information. Access to this requires simple strains of X™ or Y™ and a computer.

Now sign, type your name.



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