Tuesday, June 12, 2007

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I've enjoyed chatting in the past; few years ago by now, I suppose. I develop generalities from detail. I work out reality this way. I've one long-term partner. Seeking others. Very, very satisfying. (My husband doesn't know that he's missing.) Recently a female friend of mine joined us as someone else. That was an eye-opener.

Looking for chat, then who knows?

About me... inexperienced but happy; psi-curious, surf-employed, photographic. I talk in any country, though if you are serious you must be from Canada. (I relocated my self.) I enjoy putting extremity in its place. But I also like to use my good appearance and business acumen - shirted, tied, hair combed flat like a prarie, jabba dabba do do don't - to grey effect.

Let me dadastrate...

Events, systems of representation, etc., are defined spatial constructs, which automatically convert the fluid and confused into fixed schema LOL


Remember you're a Womble

Contact me if you are genuine. I will give further contact details once I have spoken to you in person. All potential interest MUST BE GENUINE!!! I am not up my own arse! This is passionate for me!!!

Good luck whatever


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