Friday, June 01, 2007

item #9333

Hello again Henrieta Mids 39.

I see only green shoots. I know this much: Everyone is seeking something which is already there. As I understand it, individualism is comprised of individuals; and, for myself, I pray for unique ends. I interest you because of this. You said so. As such, understand, I am fully behind you. For example, I have provided you with locations, destinations. I have told you that your journey must be lived one day at a time. You know that now. You are initially cured. But there is more to do. You depend upon men. But you long to serve yourself. I can understand this. I would ultimately wish to find for you someone who bends twisted respect into limited privacy. Of me, you kindly said this: '...You are stripping me bare; you are holding me upwards. I praise you, as I should...'.

Thank you & best wishes.


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