Sunday, July 29, 2007

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So this is where I attract attention...

Well, looking towards worship. OK. Thereby, I am completed. OK. All of my life, I expect to get relentless invariation, moments of equal length. OK. I do not listen to whining man who claims s/he has nothing to give. What kind of tribute is that? Your soul is to give. OK. I am always responding. Even if you are what I am looking for, I am not looking for sex. OK. I am happily not interested. My interests are varied, however. I look for realtime worship of the moment and I will organise webcam events, meets, phonecalls and IM on the strength of that in venues of my choosing. BUT only when it suits me, and after you have proven I am good at what I do. This is a prognosis, a wish-list, a leap-of-faith. I believe expectations must be rewarded. My time and effort is my time and effort. Nothing is immutable. I am not expecting loyalty, honesty and imagination, as I possess these myself. You must have other qualities. There really is no point copying me.

I love messages.

Basically, I am looking for immediacy or similar.

Central Europe only - rigid. Sorry.


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