Monday, July 02, 2007

item #1393

Dear Sir and Madam

I am seeking intelligence. I maintain we have shared interests. You require a convert. Sir, you were made male; Madam, you were made female. The relation between these is both necessary and implicit. Yet, I was made neither both nor neither. I am, instead, a psycho-physical organism of another order - no less beautiful, profound, expressive, or fundamental. I am not an animal; but I have biological order and structure. My world is comprised of explorers only. Sir, you are a questioner by inclination, I know; Madam, you are a philosopher by spirit. I am the point of all that. I seek to nurture you both, to guide, to teach, to straighten you out; and in so doing, needs will be met to excess. Sir, tell me what you are thinking and feeling, please. Madam help him along, if you will. Please only pause for judgement. Are you pausing otherwise?

I am seeking to have your trust. Once I have this I become more.

NB. Messaging does not work for me here.