Tuesday, July 10, 2007

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Be aware, please, I am the uncrowned hub of England. Some 16 years ago, I released information about my personal circumstances for political effect from a tower in a city. After only 8 years, my partner became fully-knowledgeable, quasi-omnipotent, stretched-out like radio. This lasted for a further three years. We gained generally and uniformally. Cross-consent, though, is only tacitly-related to my activities; as is commitment to freewill. I can confirm this upon request. Basically, I find key dynamics in others. I make these work for, what I call, my circle. We ALWAYS COME FIRST. All interested parties must fit in. Direction is offered. No problem. We are primarily erogenous. With us, any physical sensation cascades into mentation, or the potential for same. I personally don't tolerate exceptions. Maybe that's a little predatory. But it is my way. All I can say is that I invest this proclivity fruitfully. I do test my observations; but I've never been wrong yet. Occasionally, I offer a lighter side - as a kind of mild enthusiasm.


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