Tuesday, August 07, 2007

item #0048

On-line cannot equate my journey with a nameable destination. I am a mode of transport. Time is a dialogue, I feel. The beginning - any beginning, any starting point - establishes me truly as a mind.

Now, though, I am looking to travel as others, as anyone else, for duration's sake. Focus, please; maybe briefly, maybe for longer. I seek your attention.

I find labels adequate and inoffensive. Is that so misguided? I want to reach a point where I can no longer draw dividing-lines between my needs and those of others. Maybe there we can begin to picture those who show an honest interest...?

But please be warned, I am a complete and extensive life-arrangement, substantive, within a range of styles, techniques and other fripperies. Biology reigns. Ultimately, I find tools or toys which create joy rather than communication. Again, is that wrong? Why despise veneer?

Let's talk... see whether our paths collide......