Saturday, November 17, 2007

item #5555

I never really grew up conventional. Look... time is a branch of privacy and directly-related to choice. Suck it up, girl. I'm not so street, like some of you are after on here. I try to grow, and I have so far not broken that promise .. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE :) VGSOH.. truthful and faithful. When I do find the right person I offer my mind, body and soul. Nothing new. And nothing is or can be new lol I am in need of teaching, a way forward, the correct way. I hate liars, wannabes, cheats wankers, cads, idiots, players, arsewipes. Fucking Satanisers. I need rituals. Sorry folks but it is what I am looking for, only, please, I am willing to unlearn, willing to relocate myself, as payment. No time wasters.. I come with all the cellulite, wrinkles, broken veins and all those things. What you see is what you get. I am me. I don't take drugs. I am not professional or elegant but I know what I like. It will not be in the 1st line of my first email. I believe it needs to be taught out of me over time. My future must be perfect. Please no time wasters. Please, if you are after a 1 night stand, I beg you not to bother me .I have many interests including reading to write (short erotic stories


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