Tuesday, December 11, 2007

item #0093

Who has the imagination to see where I am coming from? Me:- Age: 29. Height: well over 6ft. Weight: 290lbs. Hair colour: Blond. Eyes: Steel Grey. Status: Single. Nationality: British. Location: EU. Ancestry: Scots. Place of birth: (ask). Character:- Intelligent, Articulate, imaginative, inquisitive, well-read, inventive, conscientious, thoughtful, considerate, enthusiastic. open-minded, flexible, patient, understanding, caring, demanding. I have also been known to have a wicked sense of humour upon occasion and can be fun to be around most of the time. Background:- I was educated at a famous public school in England, and then privately in Saudi Arabia. After leaving school I joined the army. After that, I worked in South Africa, as a scientist. I enjoyed swimming. I stress this is not fantasy, but not necessarily reality. I would however seek this reality if at all possible. Admittedly the following does read like a components shopping list.... My ideal is to stand no more than 5ft 11in tall in bare feet; to weigh between 90lbs and 150lbs, with a waist measurement of no more than 25in. My hip measurement should be no more than 35in. Aesthetically speaking I much prefer the androgynous look. Overall looks and hair colour are unimportant. I have added a couple of photos to my profile to illustrate an aspect of what I am interested in. I would be decorated with symbols of my orientations, of course. The body must, in the end, have no clear purpose. Purposelessness would be enforced, if need be. Thanks.