Friday, January 18, 2008

King Crimson not to tour UK...again

This from a murmurists myspace...

2. lol My polemic - as almost always - was meant partly tongue in cheek. But facts are facts. He's an unreconstructed toff, I think; and I think that flawed and childish outlook makes him a flawed and childish man! At bottom, as I spat earlier, he's a businessman - like many of his class. He tries to couch it in quasi-spiritual terms, like some consciousness dreg from the early 70s; but he studiously and aggressively defends his intellectual property. Similarly, all that silly crap about no photographs. He's so humourless. Contrast that with Frith. Fripp is like Paul McCartney - always one eye on the camera. The Frith film is truly amazing, yes; it is utterly free-spirited and authentic. Music comes out of him like breath. He doesn't seem to be able to prevent it - and all with a smile on his face. Frith is a genius, I think; one of a kind. You must check out Death Ambient, if you haven't. I have one CD, Drunken Forest. I'll copy it for you, if you haven't got it. Might have already said. Gotta laugh. A ****

1. Fripp is a bit of a *, in my view; nowhere near as intellectual as he would have us believe and as he thinks himself. He's someone one likes at a pretty formative stage, I think. He's made some great contributions to music as a guitarist, and KC were important. I think he's played the game since the mid-80s, though; in marketing the false idea that he was KC. I think others have had a lot to do with its substance and its success, in fact; most notably Ian McDonald and Adrian Belew; and Wetton/Bruford in their hayday. Similarly, Eno invented Frippertronics, from which soundscapes flowed, too. As a guitarist, he grossly repeats himself - despite all that blather about attention and the music finding the player. Sixth Form metaphysical garbage. No wonder he married Toyah Wilcox. Compared to Fred Frith, he's in short trousers in terms of contribution to the tradition of the instrument. I saw Fripp at the awful G3, doing it for the money, like the toff businessman he really is. I curse him for causing me to see Joe Satriani. What an overrated stodgy blues-bound *. I personally couldn't give a monkeys if I ever see him again. But ho-hum, eh. I love the early stuff, the first Belew phase - though the LPs get worse, I think, and the stuff with Trey Gunn. But like others like, say, Bowie, Fripp takes a heap from the talent around him, and re-markets it as if it is his baby. It isn't and it never was. Unforgivable. He suits America, and the West Coast lifestyle he leads. lol Best wishes!