Saturday, March 22, 2008

item #6302

1. On Science. Accord to biogr., or event. Subj viz Obj. Regard all as confrontation; for morale poses threats just as certainty prys upon ill-preparednesses. Still, undergo these consecuences, or don't; prepersonify, or don't.

2. On Scenery. Further is furthermoria. (Yes, he had been made aware of the cowardice of the majority.) Furtherer, there is a general lack of respect. The integer is bent of shape, for example. Individuate this corollary, or don't; challenge its popularity, or don't.

3. On the Journey. Firstly, oh pubis opini, how found? How much, oh tower deriver? Form self as self? With illimitation, this might be existentL. What was possible then is unimportant now, however. Currently, can we e.vent? Can we unmove histo? Reason states this; but only as anxiety.

These are the sequences of freedom: Kierkegaard was mocked; Dostoevsky was exiled.


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