Monday, June 02, 2008

item #9911

Darling, I occur once in your signifying chain. Your elaborations correlate me; necessarily locating both my unconscious and what is known about it. From it, I impel. More exactly, I stalk your realm of experience, inaugurating imaginary lines and intimate manifestos; simultaneously one-dimensional, intentioned, and maintained. Darling, I seek to represent essence using materials I can work with. As such, on your behalf, I seek to bind and orientate you. I realise, of course, the importance of specifications, and the effect I have in so doing upon the subjects of our love. Your foreclosures turn my head; you know that; and I cannot convincingly appropriate your emphasises. I am lavished upon in vain, darling. I admit I am only too willing to abstract and to generalise - phenomena, particles, anything. In our work, darling, I remain broken up, artificial.