Monday, November 03, 2008

item #7747

wednesday. lethargic night, so maybe my time is ending. in the middle of the night i went back to bed but slept till 5am, when it was time to head back. i can't stop. morning broke. now a journey. i can only resume the journey in light. no choice. the dirt. the dirt. you're not interested. i'm twitchy on it. i'm electrical. this is supposed to keep a cloud over my head. and it does. awful morning. i'm not happening. people doing stupid things. other people. it just isn't funny within a working environment. meaning i lost some value. worthless more or less. over the next few days i will spare no one. i won't photograph my face any more clearly. disappointed? a friend photographed me. and i love her. so no deal. i emailed her. in the picture i am beaming. a winner.