Thursday, February 05, 2009

item #6211

I can't deny myself anger any longer. A friend suggested I look at this site and I think the answer may be here. I am venting, really venting. That makes sense here, I know. So please realise that I am genuine and I need to submit to my complete and utter lack of personal control. If necessary, I'll even forgo stifling through the requests I hope I receive - going straight to real meets, splitting some heads along the way, if I'm lucky. I just need to say that my marriage to my husband is not an issue. He has no idea of what I need and I do not love him. He just brings in the money, and I'm used to that. If you can provide more, I might consider leaving him. But I'm not here to downsize - you get me? I'm here to add to my life.

Please help me find myself.


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