Monday, March 23, 2009

item #0081

Hello Allison, new here - Alli - seeking friends only, a bit of on-line fun, chit-chat, nothing heavy. I'll have pics up soon. Just waiting to be approved. Well, recent exchanges I've had reflect an evolving unease and imbalance I have between sharing and retaining information as I see fit. I know that's a bit subjective, but I'm not about to prompt, what I see as, consumerist impulses in anyone here; nor am I advocating modes of acceptance commensurate with, for example, generalised, barely-outlined and inexactly-appropriated conduct I can never maintain. No, I cannot accommodate, sorry. Such a weird first question. I'm unknown to many users here, and that will not change easily. Some of your terminology eludes me, too. Bests, Alli