Friday, January 08, 2010

item #5998

A message for Angela (44), Hants, willing to relocate ... Hi, Kelly here. I don't think we've been properly introduced, though that didn't stop you attempting to trash my whole life in your angry comment. Anyway, for your information, my birth father wasn’t 'abusive'. He was often over-emotional, maybe even socially-stunted. He was, in fact, deaf and dumb, with other profound disabilities. In the circumstances, he did his best - can you see that, now?. He even coped with my mother's protracted illness and the suicide of my older sister, Eve. I never felt close to him in a loving way, that's true. However, I hugely respected him and still do. He may have had trouble relating to us all. But I think it was because he was too busy trying to keep things together on a practical basis. What, I ask you, is wrong with that? Neither your attentions nor your approval was sought. I did not invite you in. My discussion was not public. You muscled-in under false pretences with yout two fat feet. Be content to leave now with egg on your face. Please don't attempt to trade insults. I'll cut you to pieces. A message to Krimson Kat ... Hello to you too, and thank you for your intelligent insights. You've really made me think, I have to say. Perhaps we could chat further - maybe via messenger, or if you like I can give you a call? Anyway, my new family is building bridges now, thanks. I still can’t, as it's too little, too late, in my opinion. I'm buried in books. My motives get attention. I have an itch that is difficult to get otherwise. In your photograph you have kind eyes. K