Friday, May 26, 2006


Hello George. I just added Roger Waters to my myspace friends: a notional RW, that is to say. Some of those happy-clappy myspaceans are genuine, however; pretty odd environment it is, too! I reckon the R U S H page is actually at least something to do with Alex Lifeson; whereas the Hegel page is plainly a homage, eh?! Hey, I like/d punk and prog! What a mixed-up kid... early Floyd is still pretty cool to cite in these parts; but say you liked Rush, Yes, Gabriel-era Genesis, that's another story...! But I did... I think Gates of Delirium is much riskier than Holidays in the Sun, and it's harder to listen to as well, and will upset more people, also. The Pistols was rock n roll. Good prog is far weirder, more arresting. I like The Clash, but they sound twee nowadays. The message is still valid, but its been incorporated, ratified, reified. Prog, meanwhile, still sounds anti-corporate, curmudgeony, difficult, non-advertising material, despite all its damning to be middle-class etc. That's where a band like Godspeed You Black Emperor! spring from - between the two, as a productive vacillation, using the strengths of both genre. The best music, in my opinion, does just that. Glad you like my site, mate. Thanks for looking. Best wishes, Anthony Original Message ----- From: G To: Anthony Donovan Sent: Friday, May 26, 2006 3:48 AM Subject: influences early pink floyd... heh heh my mis-spent youth... I shoulda' been digging the Clash... but I was a total Pink Floyd / Syd Barrett fanatic. White suburban druggy alienation par excellence. When the wall came out, my jean jacket (oh the torque! the embarassment!) with the wish you were here hands drawn on the back had this added onto the bottom: R.I.P. heh heh oh my do you know this bootleg, "The Cheerful Insanity of Giles Giles and Fripp" ? ciao G ----- Original Message ----- From: Anthony Donovan To: ************************ Sent: Thursday, May 25, 2006 9:48 PM Subject:************ *********** **** ********** *********** murmurists new and improved Fond regards No virus found in this incoming message.Checked by AVG Free Edition.Version: 7.1.394 / Virus Database: 268.7.1/347 - Release Date: 24/05/2006


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