Monday, June 19, 2006


Mr * This doesn't apply to the Wolverton gig: Been thinking about presentational issues we discussed few days back. As a point of reference, there's a nice piece on Wolf Eyes in this month's Wire; came this morning. I like the photograph: saxplayer, two others with mysterious boxes. They look suitably boffin-like; even with the sax. It looks agit prop, garden shed-ish. It looks energetic, engaged, and a bit wild; regardless of the quasi-science lesson overtones. How about central floor pool of electronica - shape of a triangle? We face one another, one side each; facing inward, toward one another. Is it possible for you to radically rethink the look and arrangement of the drum kit? Or do you want a more or less conventional set-up? If rethink is an option - ie. all those contact mics, as one end of the rethink, and an entirely unrock arrangement, as the other - how about floor-based set-up, you lowdown? Lee and me could do same. I always used to sit on floor; standing up now and again, for wizzy guitaristics. We could treat the triangle aesthetically, too; use it as a feature. We could light it. A nice blue light... or three different colours. Another idea is to set up right away from each other; each of us providing a separate sound source, all mixing in the middle, as it were. This can be difficult. But it could be interesting. Another idea - and my favourite, I think - is have have two different bands, in a sense: one a rock thing - Lee and me standing up with guitars, you playing drum kit; there playing nasty horror-punk, pastiche crimson, power trio dada, et al. The second a floor-based entirely electronic thing. We leave our guitars in rock set up. Take them off; you get off the kit. We all - at the same time - crouch over our flashy boxes. We all - again at the same time, with electronics lingering for sustain - go back to the rock set-up. All this could be timed. Will cc to the good *. Let me know what you both think please....


Blogger St Anthony said...

I like your ideas about the presentation - it's amazing how few musicians actually think about it, the standard rock group line-up being the unquestioned dominant.
The triangle set-up, with you all facing inwards sounds very interesting.
Always loved the idea of the Velvets playing with their backs to the audience.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006 6:37:00 am  
Blogger Dr Anthony Donovan said...

Thanks. Well, after years of playing rock-derived forms and then years playing rock-derived forms with experimental additions - with murmurists - really want to subvert that stuff. It is difficult, though, having the group made up of a guitarist, a bassplayer, and a drummer!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006 9:51:00 am  
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