Monday, January 29, 2007 said of murmurists:

'...}{OK. Now, this is your comment number 112 }{..:..It's hard to tell what the sound input is sounds, a dynamic sound field of radio machinery with gentle sensibilities of musique-concrete turning into cold repetitive natural old voices. Some of these are the tape techniques of time-splicing in the dark mood, where sounds of a steady stream of hot lava and when silence is loops amplified. Most of the shining people go all the way out with nice cold lights hovering on them, disjointed drilling recordings drone nicely away, whether these are time things between high-pitched tone of something such as the recordings, or perhaps it triggers state of insomnia software mostly balanced scraping the darkness which can create processed thought enlarged sounds. It's hard to tell. A gently omnipresent surface even when the intelligence is an audible shining something somewhere in space. On a high, with stars, using headphones as if the crackles made in a form of soft and synthesizers, mostly atmospheres, the loss and decay of taped voices and man being logical in the crowd in the background and in the foreground call out during a noise that is a faceless piece of texture based on old recordings and indicates some of those places (which seems a more than unfocused decision). It's hard to tell. These synthesizers are now chopped up and re-processed as another fine blend of nature moments in a space where small stuff is assembled and amplified (or not) collage work is set against a hybrid of drone related music, that can suddenly change introspective into cold repetitive natural old voices. It's hard to tell. ....:.. . .::.OK, ., so....welcome to the kalliedosphere.::. !.!::!.!Thanx s'much for the friendlies, ., welcome and then thanx againish!.!::!.!...'. For that, thank you. Click on title above to go see Skozey Fetisch myspace page.


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