Wednesday, March 28, 2007

the butter has all gone

Terrier-style, but yawning, we were prompted to add:
* - clearly you've spat your dummy out. So that is that; and we are glad to be done with this tract. You responded to none of our points; said nothing in relation to the Schrumpeter quotation; nothing to meaningfully counter the charge that politicians are more interested in business, in the pockets of business - or, more exactly, power itself; that what gets termed democracy is a faint, a placebo, and is unworkable, and thus a deception. You came to us uninvited espousing democracy; you followed that by trying to be smart-arsed about our work - as a rejoinder to our rejection; we took you to task over your determinations; you twisted and turned, but said nothing substantive, we feel. We are glad you at least have passion. We just think you are using it on the wrong man. All that landlord stuff ... my god. No thanks. So tainted. Good luck anyway. murmurists