Monday, May 14, 2007

around the sic bed

oh please you know who you are. you know we are genuine. we are the truth ______________________________________11/24/2006 3:13:02 PM:
another day to keep looking out there ______________________________________11/14/2006 9:33:47 AM:
some people understand they cannot end a photograph ______________________________________11/10/2006 8:29:42 AM:
I am someone else. you can be someone you are not
______________________________________10/26/2006 10:54:04 PM:
entry had to be fateful
______________________________________1/29/2007 11:04:01 AM:
I persist without effort
______________________________________11/22/2006 8:29:43 AM:
anyone could be very, very appreciative, I complain
______________________________________7/5/2006 6:15:03 PM:
we're just people. drop us a line, and we'll see what we can sort out ______________________________________4/18/2006 5:47:46 PM:
we're possibly a little hard. what do you expect, something a little more regular?


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