Monday, May 14, 2007

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de-experience. de-endure. de-punish. de-strain. de-age. de-accommodate. de-consider. de-regularise. de-occasion. de-meet. de-will. de-consider. de-arrange. de-personify. de-play. de-experience. de-do. de-recognise. de-submit. de-fulfill. de-achieve. de-relate. de-totalise. de-empower. de-exchange. de-look. de-add. de-become. de-thingify.]
Liberal outlook to endure accommodation of luxury. All possibilities considered. Any arrangement considered for the right person. I'm realistic, caring and considerate; I offer wealth, experience and discretion. I am a misogynist, however, and believe that that attitude is important. You may add that I'm rapidly becoming jaded, non-human. This is the only way.