Sunday, May 06, 2007


1. [internal acoustic. living room. north of england. late spring. midnight. two night-owls. m/m]
'a definition is a rule dealing with signs', he said. tea is poured.
2. [external acoustic. meadow. north of england. mid-summer. noon. two walkers. m/m.]
'cabbage white', he said, matter-of-factly. btrfly efct
'killing yourself to live', spotted on well-thumbed a4. annotated thus: '...the sense of a proposition is its agreement and disagreement with possibilities of existence and non-existence of states of affairs...'.
m seeks, erm, concatenation
m seeks, say, location, fixity fixity fixity
'you'll never catch me alive, web-head', thickly-disguised as 'reality is compared with propositions', functions as a caption to a picture of a part-scale paula rego lego horse with heidegger ponygirl astride. This is headed with the legend 'lester bangs. leicester bangs'.
well, in logic nothing is accidental. that much is true; that much is known. it is an objective truth, that is to say; one might say it is an object. the facts in logical space are the world. the world divides into facts. metaphysics obscures, contaminates; but is more fun, clearly. thinking hurts the head. it is, nonetheless, essential to things that they should be possible constituents of states of affairs. indeed, it is difficult to see how man can prevent this as a natural occurrence, as it is resistant to the vagaries of metaphysical inflection. celebrate this daily. chuckle some.
example... /today is Sunday, which means:
a. Fidel Gastronome cooks Cuban eels
b. We read nothing from MaxPlank, Laws of Radiation
c. We watch the Eisenstein sequel, 'November'
d. We observe Disney Gombrich, Cafe Abdab, 2007
e. We regard Jarman's work with The Pet Shop Boys
f. We recall those early Cure videos
g. We think of Pere Sousa, artist
h. We say De facto; then De ficto
i. We consider Non-Euclidian mathmatics
j. We list Birthrights, then heirlooms
k. We examine outflow pipe, blackpool beach
l. We stoke TPE
m. We quip Stephen Small-Fry
n. We also quip Huge Lorry
o. We single out 'Ought'
p. We treat of Steve Howe
q. We giggle a gallows humour
r. We retch here chickie chickie
s. We occupy Room 13
t. We daddle at eisteddfod
u. We snarl anal slack
v. We realise ubercasuism a=a+b
or: x prequels x
w. We listen to 'Siren Song'
XYZ by Rush, guitar solo


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