Wednesday, May 16, 2007

item #2109

This is not your green light. I'm unable to keep you, silly. Read my profile; which by the way is full of meaning. You are my business. I sense so much of our everyday life revolves around my double lives, the corporation I serve, and my hobbies. I am who we are. I confess but I do not admit. Life has been good to me and I embrace it for all it is and all it has to offer. I sometimes become disillusioned with all the crap that goes on. But I reassure myself that there are genuine people out there that truly are on special offer. I sit on a pedestal. I am truly myself. I have imagination. I progress. I am a great believer that one has to be oneself before being another. This is the be all and end all in life for me. I train beasts for a living. It is my birthday everyday. I am like ice. Although I would hate to be labelled materialistic, I do have a love for the creature comforts. I own over 90 pairs of shoes and boots, some of which I have never worn! But so long as I'm happy...well... I write 500 pages into a book about people on pedestals. I really don’t get on with friends and I consider myself lucky. I sting (excuse the pun).

We are desperate to find that fate will bring us together.

Please, no cock pictures.



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