Friday, May 25, 2007

item #4968

I am looking for interesting possibilities. I am finite. And anyone who drops me will get a lesson in what this means. Be aware, too, that one-liners, saying 'war or peace?', 'black or white?', or words to that effect, will be edited further. Anyone who reads this profile should be both able and figural. Yes, before you ask, I amble, occluded, amongst quirky minions. I'm unlikely to reply to emails which I never look at. People just happen. Life causes people. I know, it sounds very dull! LOL If friendship develops all the better. In these, I switch *gasp* love for dislike sometimes. The relationships I have had have been general rather than particular. I'm a dreadful archetype. Calculations of this kind are dangerous, I realise, but I like hitting the top almost as much as I like hitting the bottom. (Double entrendre intended! LOL) If you don't realise humour it will realise you. (Yes, my descriptions match, silly! LOL) Anyway.... I'm not a fixed entity. Truth is my attitude; but without centrality, such things are fluid. For me, personality franchises person. It totally depends upon reflection, degree of individuation, prevailing ideological imperatives and so forth. Eggs is eggs. History is upon us. No point trying to decide which book to read, gambling amounts of time upon such input ... Claw at the ground instead. Money will not save you! And put down your intellectual liberal newspaper! Stop watching crap tv! Stop FAFFING! Gosh. I'm embarrassingly self-absorbed. I think I have regressed, oh yes, to a form of anti-socialism. What else? Well, one last thing, in closing, weird but, I lurrrrrrrrrve vaccinations - and find they are even better if I meet natives in the cities I visit. Again, occlusion is key.

Thanks for reading this far! (Stop sighing with relief - you got through it ok!) x