Thursday, May 24, 2007

item #4448

New Brighton-based female-to-male/female couple, professionals, 39 & 41, respectively.

Thanks for looking... Strictly speaking, and as we understand it, inventiveness and experience demand high levels of training. We shall see... Maybe this is you... We desire long-term commitment, within a faint, falling context of, well, hard and fast idealism, waiving ecology, cultism, Modernism. We sire such properties in others - as deontology, sexual exposure. Rationalism is mutual, keen, apparent. It rewards. In its gaze, you will Become. In a world of obsession, we mould. Alongside us, you will think differently. At present, you are just living in a dream world. 24/7/365 is possible. We know, internet dreamer. In other words, placement equals replacement. Moving on.... This is so last week, but we have been given & must complete this before looking for suitable terminologies, relational or otherwise. We will you into Being. You are inexperienced, aged, unimportant, but feisty. Good... good enough... You should mind what we say. In order to push, we find it necessary to shove. Our loving side will soothe your sore head, however. Play is over. If you have any questions or would like contact details leave a message. x x


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