Wednesday, May 30, 2007

item #5019

I experience ohm as wide variety, interestery aspect eek. To develop long. Erm... relationship? Yes thanks. I am non-averse viz people, but viz couples, yes, for sure. Tokenmindedness, too, yes; if as good sense of humore. Important to exact-fit. In that way, I will joyment roles such as x-addressing, sensation-lay, thanking, soggy bandage, uber-violence, and Indian wind. I never try ire. I work as pay-pony and medic. I wish to any involvement with activities involving permanence. My age is accurate. I have your short fuse. I expect honesty and discretion at first. About you... please interest me in following .... Entomology, urban decay, slums, sewers, medical fetish, body horror, abandoned factories, empty houses, empty rooms, abnormal psychology, sadism, masochism, eugenics, reading, writing, painting, sculpting audio environments, solipsism, nihilism, existentialism, necrorealism, fascism, whiskey, manipulation, turning around the little mind games that some of you try to play from time to time and watching you choke yourselves to death tripping over your tongues, joy, hate, confusion. .. All best x


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