Tuesday, May 15, 2007

item #6721

Life is divided. I have a great life. I lack one thing. I am wrong-minded; it comes naturally to me. I am expecting. That's why I've tried this route; to see what it offers me. After some thought I have decided to modify and be more honest. I have been impressed recently with irony, because of my general manner and outlook. In every day life, I have not been considered enough. Yet experience likes me, but in a controlled way. That sums me up. I never lose what I really need. If there is such a difference. If you are the type that wants happiness, without necessarily having to be a part of it, then we are on the same wavelength. I don't wish to waste anyone's time. My main interests are verbal use and sitting. I need both of these. Also understand that I have great respect for those moments when I move. If you do too and want to chat then contact me. If you make contact, let it been known that we will talk straight away. I forgot to mention, I am interesting. I am happy to supply a pic but for various reasons I don't want one of you!