Monday, June 04, 2007

item #3781

Hi. N Devon couple, late 30s. Looking to relocate.

We are something... which is why we are here, shopping. Our journey combines keywords and discursive faints. For us, and at bottom, all must be nascent, wherein verisimilitude is prime. We must live today today. We explore, but with direction. We have a special bond.

Siren is 5'6', blond, mixed-race, tall, small, wide, permeable, crossed-out. Siren is cure. Siren is independent. Siren is deep inside. Siren is an experience. Siren tables.

Twisted Hister swerves... one self, fully; tall at 4.6, wise, narrow, diffuse, coded, grey eyes, interested in blends, balance, bothing.

You will be special-fitted, a bender of personalities and desires, one person, fully. You will be curled, extruded, of ochre, exotic, not easily-shocked, at least 6', UK-based.


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