Saturday, June 23, 2007

item #0500

Probably not topical, you'll see why (continue reading) simple interest, Being maybe, this is real, it's experiential. (I know the chatroom.) Tendencies toward joy, as long as man can respect and trust. Weak-minded? Then please pass by... Simple/clear/honest/to the point. Thought. Style of writing gives indications of personality. The way * communicates, approaches - denotes ALL. Over-estimated numbers (say 10,000,000) have also had my eyes opened as to how many *. (Gets you: cause. protocol. blood.) Ridicule anyway, autodidact. Not gentle, not whole-heart, unwillingly, deserving one fact. (Message me if you can't write or spell decently.) Converse or subsidise, if that makes any difference........oh and I would be willing to locate the right person, but not tomorrow, ok?


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