Tuesday, June 26, 2007

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Above all, be viable they said. Well, here goes... Firstly, let me say that I'm pretending to be something that I'm not. Nothing special in that, I realise, but my motivations will be kept secret. In lieu of that, though, I'm willing to say that I'm here because I know others who are too, and I want to fuck them up. In short, it's a revenge thing. I'm attached to the idea completely. They fucked me up for years by obscuring me with their ideas and strategies, hiding my light under their bushel. So now I physically need to hide away. I aim to convert this into effective forms of celebration, however, and enjoy all that I am in due course. So, I am The Hider. I am The Hider, aiming out. For me, this means questions, questions, questions. To give an example: I have to care whether I wish to or not. I am sensual and passionate in myself; but occlusion made me love the cold. I feel my sexuality ritualistically, but gain more from its obfuscation. I have no gender to speak of.; which complicates things, making verification a problem in general. Any orientation I have derives from certain ends-means scenarios, which I will keep to myself for now. Just be aware that I give myself to my narrow causes without question. In this, I want to learn new ways to endure my designs. It's only when I can satisfy all these elements in myself that I feel truly complete and spiritually-elevated.

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