Friday, June 29, 2007

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Some people are no more than the air they breathe. Don't bother talking to me unless you agree. I'm on the warpath and always will be. No - Helix-the-Chat, Mids, 39 - I haven't lost the ability to fuck you up! Take that entry out of your journal right now (29/06/07) or I'll share your password with the whole world. Anyway, I'm here as Homo Habilis - attentive, defiant, erudite, intelligent, and with a sense of humour. I enjoy most methods of modernisation. What I am searching for is a very special sort of equality. For this reason, the person I seek must be sensitive to the following stipulations: (1) uniformity must not be exceptional (2) permanence is neither avoidable nor unavoidable (3) mentation infrequently rewards (4) rude-health has no real purpose (5) possession prequels death. Are you interested? If so, you must understand that I can be intimate. In contrast and by counter-implication, you must be happy to be cuckolded. Really, I seek a form of maturity, an anal charm. You must be at the same time considerate, intelligent, literate, and loving. Physically, you will be tall, good looking, presentable, demure. I'm open to anything, except for the the usual no-nos. I am not here financially: this is for fun only. For those interested, my poetry can be found.


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