Thursday, July 19, 2007

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I hate expertise. I laugh at news of it or when it is discussed on talk shows. But it's all we have, isn't it? I myself have studied. I myself am practiced, experienced. A certain facility ensures, almost in the manner of a side-effect. From that, professionalism stems, of course; and from that, we formally confect societies, clubs, and tribes, with their closed rituals, self-interestedness, and self-regard. Truly, this is a world of distortions; occluded, individuated, solipsistic. This caricature of Enlightenment thinking foregrounds perfunctory utilitarianism as if it were a new spirituality, as if it mines some general human essence and in so doing explains what we are. We need more, I feel. In light of this feeling - and as politics -I live for moments of breathtaking truth and beauty only, on my high-horse, in the mountains, far away, as far away as possible. I am very much here to meet others, however; so long as they are interesting and intelligent, yes, but also interested, reciprocal, and democratic in the extreme. I enjoy only true conversation; not the exchange of monologues. So far, I have slipped through the nets of society, because I have fought like hell to do so. Yes, I live against the system, but lawfully and morally, with another version of Reason in hand. I'm not here is to a select a few men and women for my life. I am a strong believer in situations vacant as a starting point. So I'm here to suck it and see. For me, it would be unnatural to be any other way. That said, I have no desire to have anything to do personally; as I prefer to conceptualise and direct. I have many interests and beliefs - somewhat religious, somewhat occultist, including aspects of psychology, formal theology, conspiracy theories; all doggedly anti-establishment, non-conformist, avidly hedonistic. To live any other way is, I believe, a corruption of our mission in life. Hence, my breaking of taboos; hence my wishing to socialise same.

Meeting new people is excellent, I feel. Message anytime. I love a damned good debate when one arises!


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